SCNM Immunization Requirements

As a medical education program, SCNM is committed to protecting the health and well-being of our students and patients. Because SCNM and naturopathic medicine play an increased role in the delivery of integrative healthcare through multiple partnerships with hospitals, clinics and treatment centers, our students are required to provide proof of immunity or testing for various diseases.

Prior to enrollment, all incoming students must provide proof of:

Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) Immunity

  • Proof of receiving two doses of MMR immunization; or
  • Proof of MMR immunity through serological testing. 

Enrolled students, beginning in the first quarter, must provide proof of:

Hepatitis B Immunity

  • Proof of receiving three doses of Hepatitis B vaccination; or
  • Proof of immunity through serological testing; or
  • Declination of the vaccination or serological testing

Tuberculosis Screening – annual requirement

  • Negative Tuberculin skin test (two times the first year within 2 weeks of each other ); or
  • Negative chest x-ray; or
  • Negative quantiferon blood test; or
  • Proof of previous history of positive skin test or prior exposure to BCG


Recommended Immunizations:

SCNM encourages students to receive Tdap (tetanus/diphtheria with pertussis) and varicella (chickenpox) immunization injections, as well as an annual influenza immunization. Some extended site community clinics require proof of immunity or record of injection for the above.

This immunization policy is in effect to protect the student, along with the patients they work with and treat. This immunization documentation is a requirement of OHSA.

Process for submitting proof of immunizations/lab work:

SCNM has contracted with Banner Desert Occupational Health Clinic to complete all immunizations. Students may also complete the immunizations at the SCNM Medical Center. Incoming students should send proof of immunization or serological testing results to For religious or medical exemption requests, please contact the Dean of Student’s Office at 480.222.9237, or email

Drug Testing in First Quarter:

As part of the first quarter Introduction to Clinical Practice I & Clinical Skills Lab (CLPR), students are required to complete a drug test. Additional information is available in the CLPR syllabus. Please note that drug testing cannot be completed in advance of the quarter. The clinical coordinator will assist in coordinating the drug test at a local testing facility. There is no fee for the drug test.