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Inspiring Lives: Students

Everyone has a story about how and why they decided to become an ND.

Choosing a naturopathic medical school is an important decision -- it's the foundation for the rest of your career. Learn more about why these students from all different walks of life chose SCNM for their perfect fit. 

  • adriene-atkins.PNG

    Adriane Atkins

    Adriane always wanted to become a doctor, but she lost her passion for medicine after she saw how her grandmother was treated during her battle with cancer. When she learned about naturopathic medicine, she knew it was the right medicine for her. 

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  • nadia-musavvir.PNG

    Nadia Musavvir

    Nadia considered pursuing a master’s degree in nutrition, but wanted to do more to help people. A friend told her about naturopathic medicine. After some research, she realized naturopathic medicine was what she wanted to do and SCNM is where she wanted to start her journey. 

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  • calvin-resized.PNG

    Calvin Richards

    Calvin always wanted to be a physician. His interest in botanical medicine and nutrition led him to naturopathic medicine. SCNM’s reputation and the warm weather led him out west. 

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  • StudentProfile-PatriciaHumate

    Patricia Shumate

    Patricia was drawn to SCNM’s business-oriented curriculum. She was interested in learning how to open a practice, who  to hire...basically everything you need to know. She also joined the Naturopreneurs, a club that focuses on how to be successful with a private practice.  

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  • jillian-smithers.PNG

    Jillian Smithers

    Jillian grew up in Canada living a natural lifestyle. When it came to selecting an ND school, she chose SCNM to experience something different. On her first visit to SCNM, she sensed how warm and welcoming the environment was and decided it was the perfect fit for her.

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  • Karthik Green background CLEAN.png

    Karthik Ramanan

    Karthik left a lucrative career on Wall Street to pursue a new calling of becoming a naturopathic doctor.  After losing over 100 pounds utilizing a plant based diet, he became interested in natural medicine and moved from New York to Arizona to start his SCNM journey.

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  • StudentProfile-Alan-Bradford

    Alan Bradford

    Alan was always curious about the role nutrition played in good health. He majored in nutrition at Arizona State University and planned to go to a traditional medical school until he remembered a conversation he had about naturopathic medicine...

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