Adriane Atkins

Adriane Atkins

"I know my patients will truly heal with this medicine."

Undergraduate: Bachelor's degree in biology from Texas A&M University-Commerce

In 2005, my grandmother passed away from cancer. When you think of medical care, you think of what you see on television until you are the one on the receiving end of someone’s care. Throughout my grandmother’s battle with cancer, I saw how she was treated and I didn’t like it. I felt like there was no compassion.

I have wanted to be a doctor my entire life. But after that experience, I had to take off my rose-colored glasses.  For a while, my passion for medicine dwindled. I could not see myself treating someone else’s grandmother like they treated mine.

One day, I went to the vitamin shop right across the street from my apartment. The owner was so warm and welcoming. We chatted for quite a long time and I told her my story. She suggested that I look into naturopathic medicine and apply to SCNM.

While doing research regarding the profession, I became excited about learning all the ways to treat patients. With this medicine, I could practice and treat people as people, not as chart notes. 

Being a medical student at SCNM has allowed me to grow in ways that only could have happened being here. I have grown spiritually, mentally and physically. I have learned a tremendous amount about myself.  It has definitely been a challenge. I feel like I’ve gone through medical school, times two, since we have to learn about conventional medicine and naturopathic medicine! I also love being in a place where I can enjoy the city, and I love the winters in Arizona.

Last summer I worked in an internal medicine doctor’s office, and he saw a ton of diabetes patients suffering from complications such as vision loss, amputation, dialysis, etc. Being in the room when a patient is newly diagnosed really makes you want to help them, and by becoming an ND, I truly can!

I chose this medicine because if my grandmother was alive and I was her doctor, I would feel comfortable treating her with everything that I learned in school. I know my patients will be safe and truly heal with this medicine.