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Calvin Richards

Calvin Richards

"I wanted to practice all the modalities."

Undergraduate: Bachelor's degree in biology with a minor in music from St. Mary’s College of Maryland

I’ve always wanted to be a physician. I was especially interested in botanical medicine and nutrition, so naturopathic medicine seemed like the perfect fit for me. I would be able to learn naturopathic medicine in addition to conventional medicine.

I was looking for a school that had an integrated curriculum and I wanted to live in a place with good weather and sunshine most days.  I also wanted to live in a state that would allow me to learn and practice the full scope of medicine. SCNM fit all my requirements that I was looking for in a school. When I visited the campus, everyone was so warm and inviting, which was just a huge bonus.

My SCNM experience has been challenging, yet very rewarding. You have to learn the same information as a primary care MD or DO, as well as acupuncture, nutrition, homeopathy, environmental medicine, psychology, botanical medicine and more. Learning and integrating all of these modalities can be difficult at times but at the end of the day, it is always rewarding. I am always learning something new and exploring different approaches for treating a problem.

There are so many career paths available after graduation, it is hard to choose! Some days I think I want to do oncology, other days I feel like I want to do sports medicine, or maybe even become a professor and do research.

What I would say to a prospective student is, no matter what form of medicine you choose to study, think about what kind of career will help you feel the most fulfilled at the end of the day. Find the right school that will make you feel the happiest because then you'll be able to excel. For me, the right school was SCNM. 

I can’t wait for the new building to be complete. I am really excited for the new pain clinic, the gym and the teaching kitchen.  I am sure this is where my classmates and I will be spending a lot of time. The building is a symbol of the progress being made at SCNM and naturopathic medicine.