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Karthik Ramanan

Karthik Ramanan

Involvement: President of the Student Government Association, SCNM Student Trustee, SGA VP of Finance, Natural Speakers VP of Communications, Naturopreneurs Vice President, class Treasurer, and peer mentor

Interesting Fact: I promised myself when entering medical school that I would leave here healthier than when I got here. That promise played out well for over a year, but after improperly managing stress and falling back into patterns of food addiction, I decided to forgo chewing for 108 days (I’m consuming nutrient dense smoothies and juices only) and make a video blog about my journey. If you see me walking around campus talking to my phone on a stick, now you know why! If you’re interested, you can follow me at the links below.

What Lead Me to Naturopathic Medicine: In 2011, I was a successful working professional at a Wall Street bank with seemingly everything society says we should want. I had a successful career and a beautiful skyrise apartment, and I had paid off my student loans and my parents’ credit card debt while giving more to charity than I ever dreamed I could. Yet I was obese and silently miserable. After trying and failing for years to lose weight, I became resigned to being an overweight, shame-filled man.

Then I was introduced to a raw food plant based diet, and my life turned around completely. I felt more vital, the weight came off, and I became far more outgoing. On my journey to losing 100 pounds, people noticed and sought out my guidance. Seeing their weight and chronic disease disappear through nutritional and mindset changes convinced me that I needed to do this for a living, so I applied to SCNM. It is often difficult for people to find the perfect intersection of entrepreneurial opportunities and one’s own passion, but I was fortunate enough to find just that with naturopathic medicine.

How I Plan to Change Medicine: I believe people follow the example we lead over the words we say. I believe most people know they “should” eat better, exercise more, drink more water, etc. Actually doing it is the hard part for many of us. Much of those reasons are rooted in deep-seeded psychological patterns that can manifest in various ways including obesity, anxiety, or simply not living our greatest selves. Through my live seminars and online courses, and by blending lifestyle medicine with lifestyle blogging, I seek to create a global community of individuals empowered to eat more whole plant foods, remove the toxicity from their homes, and get to the core of their issues. My goal is to then send these educated, compliant patients to my fellow naturopathic physicians for individualized care.

Follow me at:

Website: vicarium.com

Facebook: facebook.com/vicarium

YouTube: vicarium.com/youtube

Instagram: @vicarium

Twitter: @vicarium1