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Patricia Shumate

Patricia Shumate

"SCNM’s curriculum was much more business oriented, which made me think I'd get a more solid education and foundation for once I graduated.

Undergraduate: Bachelor's degree in integrated physiology with a minor in Spanish language and literature from University of Colorado Boulder 

I always knew I was going to be a doctor or do something in the health field. I was shown the naturopathic field when a family friend of mine attended SCNM and I attended a class with her when she was a 2nd year student here. My friend had actually applied for allopathic medical school and while she was at the University of Arizona, one of the professors who was an MD said, ‘if I could go back, I would be an ND’ and that opinion was passed down to me. It really sunk in and the more I thought about it, the more naturopathic medicine better fit my life and what I wanted to do.

I started looking into other ND programs as well, but there was never a question—SCNM was where I wanted to come. I didn’t visit any other school because I first came to SCNM for my interview and I said to myself that there’s no other school for me. If I didn’t get into SCNM, I would wait, reapply and try again because there was no doubt in my mind that this was where I wanted to be.

When I was comparing the schools’ curriculums, SCNM’s was much more business-oriented, which made me think I would be getting a more solid education and foundation for once I graduated.  SCNM has business as part of their curriculum that starts in the 2nd year. The objective of the courses is to show you how to open your practice, who you need to hire, basically everything you need to know. In addition to these classes, I’m also now a part of the Naturopreneurs student club, which is a club that nurtures discussions on how to be successful with your own practice in the future.

The application process was a very pleasant experience. My admissions representative was really helpful through the whole process. She would get back to me in five minutes so it was a lot easier than I expected especially with the NDCAS system which can be complicated. SCNM helped me with any issues I had, everyone was so helpful, and the interview weekend was amazing! I felt like I was so special!

Being a student at SCNM has been wonderful—intense, but already rewarding. I felt like a part of the community from day one. You get this feeling that everyone wants everyone to succeed and my classmates are always uplifting each other instead of stepping on each other's shoulders to get ahead—it’s an environment that is so conducive to learning. Here we all share resources, tutor each other, have study groups and really help each other. We all have the same goal to get through medical school, go out into the world and better the profession. Everything about this school is just a perfect fit for me.